Maryland State Affiliate

Maryland State Affiliate

The Midwives of Maryland are dedicated to promoting public awareness about the profession of midwifery.

Today’s midwives are highly skilled health care professionals who specialize in women’s health care from adolescence to menopause.

Why choose a midwife for prenatal care and delivery?

  • Midwives have low rates of cesarean sections.
  • Midwives have high rates of successful VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).
  • Midwives can deliver babies in hospitals, birth centers, and at home.
  • Midwives are experts in natural childbirth techniques and labor support.
  • Midwives can also offer patients pain medications, including epidurals.
  • Midwives strive to minimize intervention during labor unless necessary.
  • Midwives focus on providing every woman with the birth experience she desires
  • Midwives view pregnancy and childbirth as normal events.
  • Midwives recognize the importance of family-centered care.
  • Midwives are skilled at assisting mothers with breastfeeding.


Why choose a midwife for my personal women’s health care?

  • As a women’s health care expert, midwives provide holistic care for all women, including non-pregnant women.
  • Midwives are highly knowledgeable about birth control methods and can help provide women with the method best for them.
  • Midwives can diagnose and prescribe medications to treat common women’s health problems such as vaginal infections.
  • Midwives can teach women about menopause and help women cope with any undesired symptoms.
  • Midwives spend extra time during patient office visits to educate women about their bodies and to allow sufficient time to answer questions.
  • Midwives are very skilled at working with teens and can be an excellent resource for a young woman’s first gynecological visit.



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